Basis Fly

provides a unique solution custom designed and specialized for tour operators, destination management companies (DMC), and travel agencies. Let’s provide leading travel technologies to keep our customers successful and victorious.

  • An integrated system for creating charter flights and guaranteed hotels

  • A smart system for creating multiple rate tours

  • Implementing web services for flight and hotel service provider companies

  • Compatible with charter and scheduled services

SaaS Cloud Service

Software as a service is a software model that can be accessed online without the need to be installed on the system. The user can access the datacenter by getting connected to the internet and using a standard browser.

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Super fast search

A quick and advanced search that instantly displays your search results while typing It is also possible to search items such as tours, hotels, services and others in the website and instantly display the relevant results to the user.

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100% Cloud based

The ever-growing amount of information in the digital sphere makes it necessary to advance and develop information storage solutions. Since old storage spaces cannot meet today’s demands, cloud systems are used for this purpose.

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B2B & B2C Engines

The BasisFly resolution software is able to simultaneously manage Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) platforms. The functional role of partner agencies is defined in the B2B model.

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BasisFly Reservation System

Some of the features of the BasisFly universal cloud reservation system are as follows :

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Active presence in web Marketing

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Having Experience working with more than 2000 companies in different classes and More than 150 travel agencies



Managing over 4000 websites and Using up-to-date technologies