Basis Fly online reservation system

We empower travel agencies and tourism businesses to keep up with the wave of digital transformation

Basis Fly tourism/travel platform Benefits:

Cost reduction with fully mechanized sales system

Revenue Growth by developing sales channels

Reduce errors with advance information technology

Online collaborating with business partners

And most importantly creating a good and distinctive experience of your brand

With following features, we empower travel/tourism businesses in sales, services providing and internal processes:

Online booking and sales management modules

Inventory management and sharing modules

Basis Fly platform infrastructure features (such as, mapping, sharing, …)

Online booking and sales management panel modules


In the flight booking module, users can view all domestic and international flights in one section. Sales managers with various flexible settings in the management panel can increase the efficiency and profitability of flight sales.


With the hotel booking module, users can book non-web service and web service hotels room. Complete information, details and images of hotels displays for users (stored in BasisFly databases).


In the tour reservation module, users can view the available tours according to the origin and destination. You can create different combinations of tours with web service and non-web service data.


With flight+hotel module, the available flights and hotels are displayed simultaneously for the users of the website, and they can reserve the hotel room and flight seat at once.


With the train booking module, website users can view the details of train information and book train seats or compartments.


By using the insurance sale module, travel insurance can be sold for various purposes through insurance web services on your website.

Basisfly Travel-Teach Platform

Your Own Website/App Business Partner's Website/App Web Service API White Label Meta Search EngineWebsite/App Tour OperatorsHotels ManagerTravel AgencyTravel managementCompanyPurchaseManagement DataMapping BusinessPartnersManagement OnlineBookingEngine Schema Creditand CashManagement Commissionand Mark-upManagement FinancialCalculations Users andSalespersonsManagement AggregatorAPI InsuranceAPI Bus APIProviders Transport& Car APIrviceesS D baetaW Hotel APIProvidersTrain APIProviders Flight APIProviders Tour Transfer Hotel DestinationService ManyarogtenmeevnnIt syyssitesmaB Flight OlnelinnaeP Rtenseemrveagtainona amns d Sale-Core

The data that is generated by Web-service or BasisFly Inventory management modules integrate in BasisFly platform core and is available to users in website or application. Also, tourism/travel services provider companies can share their services in the form of White Label or API to other tourism services sellers.

Basisfly Story

We began with providing e-commerce solutions in 1997. The majority of our clients were travel agencies, therefore, in 2016 we decided to present advanced solutions for the travel and tourism industry by Establishment of Basisfly. We have always thought of the integrity, comprehensiveness and robustness of our solutions since the birth of Basisfly.

We always consider our client as our best friends. We listen to them with all our hearts, and we are always welcome to any suggestions that lead to the improvement of their business and the ease of their work. That’s how Basisfly is a perfect choice for their businesses.

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Value Proposition

We present to you a high-performance software Which is the result of an agile and ambition organization. In every basisfly solution; we are committed to providing you with the following values forever:

User friendly User friendly

User friendly

Customization and flexibility Customization and flexibility

Customization and flexibility

Robustness Robustness


Process automation Process automation

Process automation

Facilitate interactions with business partners/customers Facilitate interactions with business partners/customers

Facilitate interactions with business partners/customers

Creating IT infrastructure for market development Creating IT infrastructure for market development

Creating IT infrastructure for market development

Information security Information security

Information security