Reservation Possibilities

Reservation Possibilities

Specialized Travel Agency Website Design

Manzoomeh Negaran-e-Web designs travel agency websites and with over ten years of experience, has made significant advancements and innovations according to users’ changing needs and the growing industry. Our long-term partnership, customer satisfaction, and the top tier website design in relevant searches is proof of our success in this area. The content management system for the designed websites is based on the needs of the travel and tourism industry, which allows customers to study educational files or produced videos and dynamically manage different section of the website It’s worth mentioning that the system is able to accept information from 16 languages and easily manage multilingual websites.

The specialized features of the travel agency panel include:

- Dynamically defining the desired categorization

- Optimization, URL placement, prioritizing and setting images for categories

- Defining customized packages in complete detail

- Selecting the destination city and country from the database

- Selecting the airline from the database

- Requesting the hotel’s name and degree from the database

- Setting package rates in rial or other currencies

- Loading PDF file packages for downloads

- Defining travel itineraries

- Optimizing and placing Farsi URLs for the introduced tour in order to obtain the optimal search results

- Linking packages (related products)

- Introducing the world’s tourism attractions in articles

- Linking tours and tourism attractions and vise versa (links)

- Linking tourism attractions (related articles)

- Placing separate image galleries for each product or article

- Placing links within the article text

- Placing links within the article text

- Separately defining tickets and visas

- Presenting world news

- Arranging categorizes, tours, and articles as intended

Website features:

- Designing responsive websites that are compatible with any system (PCs, tablets, smartphones)

- Displaying information and images from desired hotels (entered in the database) by clicking on their name in the package price table

- Automatically downloading PDF files from the website

- Adding members to the website and newsletter

- Website search

- Placing social media links on the website

Website optimization:

Achieving results in search engines is the result of processes including programming techniques, design, placing appropriate and useful content and external factors.

It should be noted that optimizing a website is a long-term matter, since Google's algorithms and its competitors’ power change over time, and one should constantly work on SEO in order to obtain better result.

The expert team at Manzoomeh Negaran-e-Web constantly assesses and is aware of the latest standards and algorithms offered in this area, and constantly evaluates and upgrades the programming, design and other factors affecting SEO. Other issues, like placing the appropriate content, will be introduced to the technical director by the support team and trained to follow up and carry out the site’s functions.

Website optimization is therefore an interactive matter, and optimal results cannot simply be achieved by following coding rules and the website’s structure. All factors, including providing suitable and useful content, selecting suitable keywords, backlinks, and others will together yield the desired results if done properly.

The features considered in the panel coding for correct optimization include:

- Setting Farsi URLs for all pages

- Setting the Title and Description for all pages

- Creating internal links by connecting products and articles, as well as connecting similar products (articles)

- An organized structure for data placement (data structure)

- Considering SEO rules for various data placement sections, including the number of characters, name, image format, etc.